The Western Ghats was likened to a ravishing maiden, clad in a green silk saree. So lovely to behold was she, with all her flora and fauna. Now her mantle lies in shreds and tatters, remarked Prof Gadgil. So the noble Prof and his team of scientists developed the Gadgil Report to protect  1500 kms of green landscape, which lies parallel to the Arabian Sea - the environment of the Western Ghats !

Save Biodiversity ! Save Nature !


That which generates Bliss is ART, Kal Ahladata iti Kala !


                                        Kerala Floods



 Rejuvenative Monsoon Therapy

Lots of tourists visit Kerala during the Monsoon Season, which stretches from Edava Pathi ( May 29 ) to Vrischika Anthya ( Dec 16). This period is considered time best for Rejuvenative Therapy or Rasayana Chikitsa by Ayurveda. Restorative indeed is this therapy, like the clouds which restore through rain the exhalations of the land and the sea. The cool atmosphere, dust free normally, opens the pores of the body, making it receptive to herbal oils and therapy. 


Kerala, Land of Ayurveda

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It is both Monsoon Tourism and Rejuvenative Therapy for the tourists who grace Kerala during the Monsoon Season. She has many Ayurvedic Centers which take care of Wellness. 50% of her Tourism Income is from Ayurveda ! 

Kerala contributes 50% to India's Marine Exports. India exports 5 billion worth marine products and this year she will export 6 billion !




Farm Tourism has caught up in a big way in Kerala. It is an integral part of Eco Tourism. The tourists are happy viewing the farms, which are living in rhythm with Natural Law. F T, with her emphasis on Natural Farming, preserves the environment. 



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 Other arts include Mohiniattom, Kathakali, Koodiattam, Krishnanattam et al