This is a Free Dating Horoscope Indian Matrimony site and we  are giving a  lot of free datas here, as people find it difficult to register on, as it is a Subscription Model. We will provide more datas. ( More than 1000 profiles have just come to G4marry recently ) .

Why we have given two MDBs is this. Email is a must for registering in , while here we have given free datas of  those without email address !


As a Dating Horoscope Web Page, we have differentiated horoscopes into 3 categories

A horoscope with Mars in 7 or 8 in females and in 7 males, is Chova called. 

Those horoscopes free from malefic influence are Shuddha called. 

Horoscopes with half or one Dosha are called Madhya s. 

and we are the only Astro Matrimonial Data Bank doing such astro service.      

Our other synomyms include Free Horoscope Dating Site, Kerala Matrimony, Shaadi, Matrimonial Website, Free Marriage site and Horoscope for today.  

We will send you appropriate dating horoscopes, based on the Doshas


If you register in our Database, we will send you appropriate horoscopes. 

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