Tourist and potential realty centers in Kerala



The Munambam Estuary, a Tourism Spot

The Munambam beach is a beautiful place to behold. On the west we have the Arabian Sea, a mouth of the sea on the north and the “Life Line of Kerala”, the Periyar River on the east. This estuary is the place where the Periyar River, 244 km long, flows into the sea.

Munambam Beach is also known as Muziris Golden Beach. It is the farthest end of the famous Cherai beach. On the north west side, you can see the Munakkal beach. On the north we have Azheekode in Trichur Dist. The Munambam Azheekode point is the point where Trichur and Ernakulam Districts meet. You can cross the mouth of the sea on the north by Junkar or boat. Just five minutes from Munambam ( Kochi ) to Azheekode ( Trichur ) !

You can sit and enjoy the views, watching the local fishermen fish in their canoes and colourful boats. Photographers find Munambam enchanting, as the glorious sunset is indeed inspiring !


The realty potential of Kochi & Trivandrum

Amongst the 50 cities identified by JLLM as high fliers, Kochi and Trivandrum are from Kerala.

There are reasons for pointing out to these Kerala cities. Both will be having ports. Once the Vallarpadam ICTT becomes operational, Kochi realty will grow by leaps and bounds. Same thing will happen  in  Trivandrum when the Deep Port ICTT becomes operational.

ICTT will be the second port of Kochi. The first is on Willingdon Island, an artificial island built by Lord Willingdon, the erstwhile governor of Madras. The harbour engineer Robert Bristow played the main role in developing this island and the first building on the island was owned by him. The first liner arrived on 9 Mar 1935 on this island. A port hostel was arranged to accomodate the passengers and this hostel became the Malabar Hotel. Now this port has become an e-port.

Vallarpadam will be the second port of Kochi and Kochi now joins Bombay in having two ports. Hence the importance of Kochi.

Seaports accelerate development and these two cities will be the main economic centers of Kerala. Realty prices will rise. We are talking about 5 years from now on. Not now, when realty is in a state of recession.

There are other properties which have potential, in other parts of the world.