The Vedic Architecture of Thailand   



In Ancient Siam, which is a miniature replica of Thailand, there exists Vedic Art and sculpture. I was amazed to see the statue of Surya, the Vedic Deity, with seven horses, during my trip to Thailand.

Surya is the Sun and the seven horses represent VIBGYOR. He is the external symbol of the Absolute Self, who is the Cause of the septenary principles which pervade the Universe, as Life, Mind, Matter, Supermind, Existence, Consciousness and Beatitude ( Prana, Manas, Padartha, Prajnana and Sat Chit Ananda ) !

O Thou riding on a chariot
Drawn by horses seven
O Thou whose sight annihilates sins
To Thy Transcendental Majesty, I bow.

Sapthasva Ratham Aroodham
Prachandam Kasyapatmajam
Sarva Papa Haram Devam
Tham sooryam pranamamyaham

This confirms P N Oak's theory that in the beginning there was only one Civilization, the Vedic, from which everything began. Many Thai words are derived from Sanskrit. ManyEnglish words are also derived from Sanskrit.

Here are some words which are simliar.

brother, bhratr
Nova, nine, Nava
Centum, Shatha
Divya, divina, divine
candle, chandra
cardio, hrd
come, gam
deity, devata
eight, ashta
end, anta
genus, janus
gnosis, gnana
idea, vidya
identity, idamta
immortal, amrta
kalon, kalyana
mega, maha
man, manu
mind, manas
mortal, mrta
mother, matr
same, sama
three, tri
vivi, jiva
voice, vaca
wind, vata
wit video, vid
yoke, yoga
young, yuvan
advocate, adhivaktr
agri, ajira
bind, bandhi
bright, bharajat

In the "Origins of Vedic Civilization" Dr Kenneth Chandler remarks " Indiaís most substantial gift to world civilization was, however, the discovery of PureConsciousness and the mapping out of the architectonic structure of pure knowledge.

All other achievements derive from this great awakening of knowledge that took place in ancient Vedic India."

I was on a trip to Malaysia and Thailand with my family and we stayed with my brother in Bangkok. We went to Kaula Lumpur on 3rd and left Bangkok on the 12th. A great vacation it was !
In Ancient Siam, there is also the statue of Brihaspathi, the preceptor of the celestials. This highlights P N Oak's theory that the ancient civilization which permeated the world was Vedic.

How ancient is Vedic Civilization?

In his Origin of the Vedic Civilization, Dr Kenneth Chandler remarks " The body of literature produced by Greece and Rome from Homer to Proclus spans roughly 1,300 years. The Vedic tradition produced an even larger body of literature from the beginning of the Rig Veda to the end of the classical period, so it would probably require at least 1,300 years for the Vedic tradition to generate a larger amount of literature. If we take 1,600 BC as the minimum date of the Mahabharata, this would put the beginning of the Vedic tradition sometime before 2,900 BC. If we take Wintenitzís estimate of at least 1,900 years, this would put the beginning of the Rig Veda before 3,500 BC.

Dr Frawley and Rajaram, as well as many others, now put the date of the Mahabharata war at about 3,000 BC (Maharishi Mahesh Yogi also gives this date in his commentary on the Bhagavad Gita). If we add 1,900 years incubation time as Winternitz estimates, this would put the dates of the Rig Veda back before 4,900 BC."